The Healing Benefits of Orgonite

Do you love crystals and orgonite, but also want to make a difference with your purchases? Then orgonite made with organic materials is what you’re looking for! Organite is orgonite that has been created using only natural ingredients like wood, seeds, shells, sand, stone or glass. All components are 100% natural eco-friendly which makes orgonite […]

How To Make Orgonite Pendants

What is Orgonite? Orgonite is a material made of resin, metals and quartz crystal. It has the ability to affect energy around it. It transmutes negative energy into positive one. The metal used in Orgonite attracts Orgone particles which are then absorbed by quartz crystals turning them into powerful tools that can transform energies with […]


Orgonite   Is Orgon or Orgonite real? Does it help us in a variety of ways? These are questions that a lot of people are investigating further. It’s due to the resurfacing research from a respected medical scientist and noted psychologist from the 20th century. Orgonite may be called a pseudo-science. However, it’s more than […]

Orgonite Debunked – Myths about Orgone Energy

A lot of people still have no clue what Orgonite is, let alone its energy. With that, it’s necessary to get Orgonite debunked. Technically, it’s considered as a life force energy discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s. During this period of his scientific discovery, various cultures have already known the presence of this […]

Orgone Therapy

Orgone Therapy The known yet controversial Orgone therapy treatment is far more popular than what a lot of people assume. It was referred to as an Orgasm therapy and Vegetotherapy by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, its originator. Although he died in 1957 in federal prison, Dr. Reich’s movement still flourishes as a type of alternative medicine. […]

Orgone Box

Orgone Box An Orgone box is a device that appears like a cabinet. It is made of different layers of wood and various materials like tin. Doctor Wilhelm Reich, the creator of this device, stated that the box helps restore Orgone energy to those sitting inside. He claimed that the Orgone box can help cure […]

Orgonite Wiki

Orgonite Wiki is your go-to place to learn more about it. It comes with useful details and information that will provide you with insights about its benefits, uses, and more. Get to know its history, who discovered it, what products are Orgone-based, and how to use it. There are even categories about its effects on […]

Orgone Energy

Orgone Energy Orgone energy is like what the ancients have referred to as Chi, Prana, or the universal energy. Orgone is built by layering both inorganic and organic materials that can harness the essential life force energy. It can also amplify the life force to make you feel a sensation with it. Discovery of Orgone […]

What Is Orgonite?

What Is Orgonite? In this day and age, there’s an abundance of healing stones that can be used to heal and bring positivity. Yet one of the most fascinating pieces is the Orgonite, which was based on Orgone, a discovery of Wilhelm Reich in the 20th century. It was then pioneered, then modified by Karl […]

How to Make Orgonite

How to Make Orgonite If you’re wondering how to make Orgonite, we’ll answer your questions in this article. Orgonite is a mix of crystals and metal that are suspended in resin. There are some individuals who believe that the substance removes negative energy, and then produces positive ones instead. If you plan to create your […]

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