Orgonite Stone

Our Orgonite stones come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These can be in the form of an Orgonite pendant, necklace, or even the popular Orgonite pyramid.

Our Orgonite stones are more than just fancy home decor. These are pieces that can help alter negative energy into positive energy. Plus, they can help alleviate any anxiety, depression, and other issues within yourself.

Orgonite Stone
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Why Are Orgonite Stones so Popular?

Orgonite stones are popular for several reasons. The effect of Orgonite stones may vary from one person to another, but they are highly effective for healing.

These crystals gather harmful energy or Deadly Orgone (DOR), like EMF emitted by mobile phones, cell towers, and various devices. As a result, it neutralizes negative life energy in the atmosphere.

What Are Orgonite Stones and What Do They Do?

Our Orgonite stone is an Orgone generator that you can easily wear or place in any area of your home.

It’s composed of quartz, 50% resin, and 50% metal shavings. The combination of these materials was based on Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s research. He stated that organic materials attract energy while non-organic materials repel it.

When making our Orgonite stones, the resin contracts, and presses on the quartz crystal. When this happens, the quartz forms a piezoelectric effect, resulting in an electrically polarized stone with an external energy field.

The energy field is full of life force energy called Orgone, which filters out negative energy. At the same time, it amplifies positive energy, which provides healing and protection.

With these materials combined, our Orgonite stones form Orgone energy, which is highly beneficial for your well-being and environment. Orgone energy is similar to Chi, Prana, or universal energy. It’s a life force energy formed by the layers of organic and inorganic materials that make up the Orgonite stone.

Orgone energy is the primary energy in our physical world, and it can be neutral, positive, or negative. It can also neutralize a lot of negative energy forms.

What are the Benefits of Using Orgonite Stones?

Orgone energy is proven to be highly beneficial for one’s health and well-being. Because of that, the popularity of Orgone generators like our Orgonite stones continues to grow today.

Now, let’s see some of the benefits of these fascinating stones.

Orgonite is highly effective in cleansing stagnant, negative energy. Those who use Orgonite stones claim that they started feeling more energized. Some experience a warm or tingling sensation.

If you suffer from mood swings, our Orgonite stones are perfect for you. These aid in keeping your mood balanced while offering mental calmness.

Based on numerous reports, Orgonite also helps people suffer from difficulty in sleeping soundly.

Additionally, our Orgonite stones can also boost your immune system. With that, your body’s resistance against illness will improve.

Our Orgonite stones protect against electromagnetic radiation that various electronics emit.

Aside from physical benefits, our Orgonite stones have spiritual benefits too. These aid in meditation by effectively calming the mind.

The stones are highly effective if you’re looking for something that helps in spiritual growth.

In fact, Orgonite stones also provide a calming effect for animals. This is why pets are drawn to these devices.

Overall, our Orgonite stones can turn unbalanced energy into a healthier, positive state.

The Best Places for Your Orgonite Stone

Now that you know how Orgonite stones work, you are most likely wondering where you should place these. The answer is simple since you can place our Orgonite stones anywhere.

Today, the atmosphere is contaminated with DOR (Deadly Orgone) due to all the man-made technologies. With that, it’s wise to have Orgonite in a lot of places.

Of course, it’s best to place these stones close to your most used gadgets, like your computer and Wi-Fi router. Doing this will keep you protected from the harmful EMF that these devices release.

The areas where you keep food like your refrigerator and cupboards are other places where you should place Orgonite stones. It is said that these crystals help prolong food by converting negative energy into positive energy.

If you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, it’s perfect to have Orgonite stones in your bedroom. Others put the crystal under their pillow, but any spot will do.

Orgonite does not only help improve your sleep quality, but it also promotes vivid dreaming.

When placed in the garden, our Orgonite stones can also promote plant growth. These will also be healthier and taste better.

No matter where you place our Orgonite stones, they will release positive energy and significantly improve the atmosphere’s condition.