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Orgone Energy is an essential force in the Universe, which was discovered by Wilhelm Reich’s scientific research in the 20th century. Ancient civilizations often referred to it as Chi, prana, or zero-point energy. The vibrational frequencies of the Universe.

Yes, our Orgone Pyramids not only neutralize EMF but use its energy towards forming a positive energy field in your home or office. You can charge the Pyramid by placing it in direct sunlight for half an hour in warmer climates and for less than an hour in colder ones. Afterward, play some healing tunes or frequencies you want for it to absorb and it will later resonate in those for more than a week.

Orgone is a combination of metal, semi-precious crystals, and natural resin to hold them together. All materials are carefully chosen to resonate with each other and produce healing frequencies.

Yes. Orgone pyramids do not need to be charged in order to have a healing effect in your life. They channel powerful vibrations without being charged. However, to reach their full potential, they need to be taken care of.

Yes, the larger the orgonite generator, the more materials are combined in the enclosed geometrical shape. The heavier the metals and the crystals inside, the stronger they vibrate the high frequencies that heal and protect your home from EMF. Another good option is getting 3 or 4 smaller pyramids that would form an energy field, which is better for warmer homes or offices.

Follow your gut feeling. How do the looks of a pyramid make you feel? If they fit your emotional style, feeling, and temperament, choose it. Pyramids resonate with users thousands of miles away; they often choose you as their owner much like pets do in a shelter. Trust your gut.

Yes. Orgone pyramids are a great gift for someone, whom you wish nothing but wellbeing and prosperity.

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