How To Make Orgonite Pendants

What is Orgonite?

Orgonite is a material made of resin, metals and quartz crystal. It has the ability to affect energy around it. It transmutes negative energy into positive one. The metal used in Orgonite attracts Orgone particles which are then absorbed by quartz crystals turning them into powerful tools that can transform energies with their high vibrations.

We are surrounded by energy fields of various frequencies. Some are advantageous and beneficial to us, while others are harmful. The Orgonite pendants will offer us protection from negative energies. It can also protect against certain types of radiation, strengthen our immune system, accelerate the growth of plants and help us grow spiritually.

Benefits of Orgonite Pendants

Handmade Orgonite pendant.

Orgonite pendants have many beneficial properties. They can protect us from negative energies, attract good luck and fortune, promote positive thinking and help us grow spiritually. These Orgone generators are powerful tools that can change our lives for the better.

Orgonite pendants will protect you against all kinds of radiation coming from computers, cell phones and other electronic devices, as well as harmful energy waves and geopathic stress.

Negative energies such as fear and anxiety prevent us from performing at our best level, which leads to health issues and prevents spiritual growth. The Orgonite pendants create a protective shield around us so we feel safe, no matter what is going on around us, helping us become centered emotionally while improving self-esteem.

Orgonite Pendants as a Healing Crystal

Orgonite necklaces as well as pendants can be used as a healing stone. They will neutralize the harmful effects of radiation and increase positive energy flow around us. It has been proven that Orgonite improves health and prevents certain diseases such as cancer, dementia and heart disease.

These powerful Orgone generators make negative energy vibrate more rapidly, transforming it into positive one. A simple Orgonite pendant can accelerate the growth of plants, while larger Orgone generators can help grow spiritually by promoting deep meditation, which is crucial for spiritual growth.

How to Make Orgonite Pendants

Orgonite necklace sitting beside a clear orgonite stone

Orgonite is a mixture of metal and gemstones suspended in resin, according to some people, which they claim can eliminate bad energy and generate good energy. If you want to create an item of Orgonite jewelry, you may do so with the appropriate materials and equipment. Make an Orgonite pendant and see if wearing it enhances your everyday optimism.

Part 1 : Preparing the resin and molds for casting.

Get everything you’ll need. Making your own e-collar pendants is a time-consuming process that requires a number of supplies and equipment. Make sure you have all of your materials and tools before you begin.

  • Create epoxy or resin with a hardener.
  • Plastic and glass jewelry-making molds.
  • Newspaper or paper towels to cover your workspace
  • Latex/vinyl gloves.
  • Any type of squeeze bottle.
  • Small plastic cups.
  • Popsicle sticks.
  • Any type of blow dryer.
  • Cardboard box .
  • Aluminum shavings or wire.
  • Healing Crystals or any crystal pieces.
  • Choose the gemstones that you want to use. Choose stones such as amethyst, tourmaline, and/or other precious gems or minerals (optional).
  • Earring wires, jump rings, earring hooks, chains, and other jewelry findings are all available.
  • Pliers are needed for many tools, but you’ll need two pairs of pliers

Cover your workstation and put on your gloves. It’s critical to cover your workspace and protect your skin when working with resin. The resin may harm the surfaces and irritate the skin. Before you begin working, lay down some newspapers or paper towels and put on your gloves.

Fill a mixing bowl with very warm water and the resin and hardener solution. To reduce the amount of air bubbles in your resin, put it in a bowl of very warm water. Allow them to soak while you get everything else ready.

Arrange the metal, gems, and other materials in your molds. While you wait for the resin and hardener to heat up, fill your molds with aluminum, copper, and crystal as well as any other precious gems or stones that you desire. arrange them in a way that is attractive to you.

Create a resin mixture. Then you’ll need to mix the resin. The majority of goods require an equal ratio of resin and hardener, but double-check the product’s instructions. Using a wooden popsicle stick, combine the two ingredients.

Part 2: Pouring and Setting the Resin Mixture

Pour resin into the molds until they are full. After you’ve finished combining your resin, begin pouring it into the molds. Pour resin slowly and carefully, filling them only half way or less.

Allow the resin to dry overnight. When the resin is completely set, leave it to dry overnight. To prevent dust from falling into the molds, cover them with a cardboard box.

  • It’s also important to make sure that the molds are out of reach of pets and small children.
  • If you detect any air pockets in the resin, use a blow dryer on low to gently warm up the resin and remove the bubbles.

Part 3: Using the Orgonite Pendants

Remove the molds from the pendants. Remove the pendants from their molds once they’ve dried fully. Remove the pendant beads from their molds and place them on a clean work surface.

If the pendants are difficult to remove, put the molds in the freezer for 10 minutes. When the resin has frozen, the orgone pendants should easily pop out of their moves.

To connect the gold chain, add a strand of jump rings to each eye pin. To attach the eye pin loop to the jump ring, use the pliers to open a jump ring and slide the eye pin loop onto it. To close the jaws around the edges near the opening of the jump ring, compress the pliers while pushing one side of the ring away from you and pulling the other side of the ring towards you.

Attach the pendants to a chain or earring hooks for easier wearing. Slide the jump ring through the eye of an earring hook or a chain, then close it again. Make a second pair of earrings if you’re making a pair of earrings.

Your custom-made Orgone jewelry item is now complete, and it’s time to put it on! Try on the piece and see how it looks!

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