Orgone Box

Orgone Box


An Orgone box is a device that appears like a cabinet. It is made of different layers of wood and various materials like tin. Doctor Wilhelm Reich, the creator of this device, stated that the box helps restore Orgone energy to those sitting inside.

He claimed that the Orgone box can help cure cancer, impotence, colds, and more. This box is also known as the Orgone accumulator.

History of the Orgone Box

In 1940, Reich invented the Orgone Energy Accumulator, a wooden box that was almost the size of a telephone booth. It was lined with metal then insulated with steel wool.

He considered the Orgone accumulator as a magical tool that could enhance the user’s orgastic potency. Not only that, but Reich also claimed that the Orgone box helped a person’s mental and general health.

Do note that an Orgone box and other similar tools can sport a variety of designs. Additionally, they can be constructed in different ways. This is because Orgone is the universal energy, so Orgonite devices like boxes and jewelry attract and accumulate such energy.

The construction of these tools is based on a couple of principles. First, they need to be made from a 50-50 mix of organic and inorganic materials.

Today, various kinds of Orgone generators are used. Aside from the Orgone box, other generators include the Orgonite pyramids, pendants, and more.

How the Orgone Box Works

The Orgone box features a layer of wood, metal, and other layers of wood. These materials gather Orgone from the atmosphere and retain it to neutralize negative energy in your surroundings.

This way, the Orgone box keeps you protected from harmful frequencies that can’t be avoided, especially in today’s environment.

As Reich saw it, the organic material of the box absorbs the Orgone energy. Then, the metal linings prevented it from escaping. It somehow acted like a greenhouse and caused a noticeable increase in temperature inside the box.

The earliest Orgone boxes were tested on lab animals and plants. To be specific, these were tested with mice that had cancer. He stated that these accumulators reduced the growth of cancer in their system.

For almost ten years, he developed then tested his theories, creating smaller boxes and blanket-like Orgone accumulators. The latter would wrap around a human’s leg or arm.

Reich reported that the accumulator reduced and even eliminated cancer tumors. Plus, it relieved heart and arthritis pains, enhanced the immune system, healed burns, and reduced the need for prescription medicines.

What is Orgone Energy?

According to quantum physics, life is made from an unseen life energy, and Reich called this Orgone.

​In his view, the key to mental and physical health was to balance Orgone energy.  He divided this into two categories, which are the positive Orgone energy (POR) and dead Orgone energy (DOR).

Reich saw positive Orgone as structured, organized, and coherent, while dead orgone energy was stagnant, leading to entropy decay. Technically, it’s highly similar to the concept of meridian blockages in traditionalChinese medicine.

The Discovery of Orgone Energy

Originally, Orgone energy was observed by Reich, who was a psychoanalyst during the late 1920s. He claimed that Orgone was a bioelectrical charge flowing in the body.

It was visibly seen as waves passing through his patients while they experienced intense emotional breakthroughs.

To confirm his observations, Wilhelm Reich objectively measured the movements of Orgone energy. He utilized an extremely sensitive millivolt meter that featured sensors attached to its body for recording bioelectric charges.

He learned that the energy flowed from within the body’s core to the surface of the world. This occurred when a person felt expansion or pleasure.

Conversely, it moved from the surface and away from the world during states of fear, anxiety, and contraction.

The Popular Benefits of Orgone Boxes and Orgonite

The main use of Orgonite is to clean and purify stagnant and negative energy in the surroundings. Aside from that, it comes with a multitude of positive effects. 

Orgone, Chi, Prana, or life force, no matter what you call it, this energy governs and suffuses your entire body. It influences the mind, spirit, and body. When energy is unbalanced, it causes agitation, distress, and illnesses.

There are other healing tools that focus on the cleansing of universal energies. Just like spiritual and healing tools, Orgonite helps improve spiritual practice. Plus, it can heal a couple of psychological issues.

Orgone healing also works to enhance your physical health. But of course, we highly recommend that you first consult with your physician if you have current physical ailments.

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