Orgone Energy

Orgone Energy


Orgone energy is like what the ancients have referred to as Chi, Prana, or the universal energy. Orgone is built by layering both inorganic and organic materials that can harness the essential life force energy. It can also amplify the life force to make you feel a sensation with it.

Discovery of Orgone Energy

The discovery of Orgone energy started with Dr. Wilhelm Reich. He researched on the physical bioenergy basis for the theory of neurosis in humans by Sigmund Freud.

Dr. Reich believed that various traumatic experiences could block the natural flow of life energy into your body. Thus, it will lead to mental and physical diseases.

He concluded that the libidinal energy discussed by Freud, was instead, the primordial energy of life.

Orgone energy is basically everywhere, and Reich measured the energy in motion over the Earth’s surface. He even determined that the motion affected the weather.

What is Orgone Energy and What Can It Do?

As we mentioned earlier, Orgone energy came from Dr. Reich. He had Orgone accumulators that were utilized for medical treatments. However, the media, the FDA, and some American scientists were skeptical about these.

Eventually, he was jailed due to contempt of court. It was also because of violating the terms of one FDA lawsuit that prohibited sales of the accumulators. In 1957, Dr. Reich died in prison.

When he was still alive, Reich claimed that Orgone energy could be manipulated to cure diseases. It also eliminated physical pain, as well as treating other issues like constipation. In addition, he says that it could destroy numerous parasites in the body.

Although some continue to question Orgone energy, a lot of individuals have already seen their lives improve because of it. And surprisingly, the movement grows each day.

When you’re more aware of your health, you won’t only restore and improve your living quality. Each day, you’ll begin creating a much better world for you and everyone else.

Orgone Energy – Possibly the Key to Better Understand Human Health

Over the last 60 years, the general population’s health declined since Dr. Reich’s practice. With that, the build-up of dead Orgone has overwhelmed our environment and bodies.

A major accumulator of this is EMR or electromagnetic radiation. In this day and age, we’re being flooded by EMFs or electromagnetic fields. Wi-Fi is all over the place, and it’s one of the main origins of EMFs.

Even if we don’t utilize it, it still has an impact since everyone else uses it.

The Two Types of EMFs

Wi-Fi is part of EMFs that are considered as invisible lines of force. They come from any type of wireless or electrical device.

There are two kinds of EMFs. The first is low-frequency EMF, and the other is high-frequency EMF. The previous comes from our appliances and even electricity; the latter is often from wireless devices.

Do note that high-frequency EMF is also referred to as RF or radio frequency.

Since 5G is now utilized in various cities, it will greatly increase the damaging effects of EMF further.

Bodily Response to Stress Induced by EMFs

Our bodies instantly use the stress response when there are large amounts of such frequencies. Some of these stress responses include decreased oxygen and blood flow to organs. There’s also impairment of the body system, increased blood sugar, increased blood pressure & heart rate, and interference with your metabolism.

You can even suffer from anxiety, depression, arthritis, and other issues.

Yet aside from what can be controlled with removing these EMF-emitting tools from the environment, Orgone energy can be used. It can work to harness positive and efficient Orgone energy that can be utilized for healing.

Orgone Energy for Therapy

After learning of DOR, its relation to illness, and its manifestation in your body, Reich began creating “Orgone Energy Accumulators”. The boxes are made from altering layers of metal shavings and organic materials. It’s to acquire increased concentrated fields of beneficial Orgone energy.

Reich began utilizing Orgone Energy Accumulators to treat his patients, and the results were all successful. He treated those with chronic and acute conditions.

The Positive Effect of Orgone on Plants

Even on plants, the effect of Orgone energy is positive. Sickly or withering plants usually recover when Orgone energy is in their presence for short periods. Plus, the speed of growth of these plants is often doubled.

Generally, it appears that plants can directly take advantage of Orgone energy. This occurrence may be linked to the process of photosynthesis.

The Effect of Orgone Energy on Animals

For animals, they feel positive energies even from Orgonite, and the effects are faster than with people. When insects are close to Orgonite, they usually draw little circles directly above an Orgone pyramid for some minutes. 

When it comes to cats or dogs, they usually prefer staying close to such objects. Some beekeepers who set Orgonite along beehives claim decreased dying bees, plus a higher production of honey.

Hens even prefer laying eggs close to an Orgone-based item.

Orgone Energy and Water

Originally, water is alive, yet the continuous water pollution and destruction of marine life kill it.

Water is one of the best energy and life carriers since it can readily absorb and retain life energy. Water that’s set on top of a charging plate based on Orgone ends up tasting better. After drinking it, it makes you feel better and healthier too.

Then after a short period of time, the crystalline structure and surface tension of water is altered.

This can be seen under a microscope. And quite interestingly, water that is greatly affected by Orgone energy displays a beautiful healing crystalline structure.

Orgone energy is excellent or depleting all the negative energy and effects of fluoride and chlorine. However, it still doesn’t avoid their chemical presence.

The essence and potential of water are significantly lifted via the process of Orgonization. This process helps lessen surface tension, which is something that can be physically measured.

Orgone Energy for Better Sleep

When placed in the bedroom, Orgonite promotes good sleep. There are a lot of reports of patients who have been cured of chronic insomnia with Orgonite.

In some cases, people have trouble sleeping in a room with the presence of Orgonite. It usually takes some time to get used to the environment, but the results occur in the long run.

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