Orgone Therapy

Orgone Therapy

The known yet controversial Orgone therapy treatment is far more popular than what a lot of people assume. It was referred to as an Orgasm therapy and Vegetotherapy by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, its originator.

Although he died in 1957 in federal prison, Dr. Reich’s movement still flourishes as a type of alternative medicine.

Its practitioners, including several mental health professionals, promote Orgone therapy to treat physical and mental disorders.

But What Is Orgone Therapy?

To put it simply, Orgone therapy is a therapeutic method addressing both physiological and psychological support of chronic emotional distress.

These were based on Dr. Reich’s scientific and clinical studies. Specifically, these were in areas of the biological basis of emotional expression and character formation. It was also based on sexual functioning, psychosomatic disorders, and the nature of life energy.

This is where the term Orgone came from.

Elaborating on Mental Defense Mechanisms

Sigmund Freud made a realization during his time. He stated that as people get older, we learn how to cope with extreme emotional distress via unconscious defense mechanisms.

As Freud’s student, Reich expounded on his mental defense tools. He stated how these defenses were expressed in one’s behavior and body.

By pursuing it, Reich was the very first Western scientist to completely show that the mind and body weren’t separate. They were one, the same, and inseparably linked.

He also learned that inhibited breathing, fixed patterns of behavior/thinking, plus chronic muscular tension reflected the same defense mechanism. In turn, he named the entirety of these somatic and psychological coping mechanisms as armoring.

What Orgone Therapy Does

Orgone therapy works to dissolve armored blocks and to free any form of repressed emotions. In this manner, it decreases painful symptoms like confusion, depression, anxiety, self-defeating behavior, and inappropriate rage.

This character armor that Orgone therapy dissolves is among the causes of Orgone imbalance, which leads to mental illness. Aside from that, imbalance results in sexual impotence, cancer, and other conditions.

Simultaneously, Orgone therapy promotes deeper capacity to further reach for adequate goals like better work, as well as creative pleasures. It includes the capability to feel deeply, realistically see the world, and think clearly.

Every individual expresses armoring in all aspects of life, like beliefs, attitude, way of thinking, and more. You can gradually eliminate this through various means, such as physical intervention or talk therapy.

Orgone Therapy Today

Today, Orgone therapy is often advertised on alternative medicine websites. It’s associated with Reiki, herbal therapy, Therapeutic Touch, naturopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, pyramid therapy, and more.

Additionally, Orgone therapy blends and overlaps with various treatments that control one’s biofields, like Reiki and Therapeutic Touch. The term “biofields” is another word used to refer to Orgone energy.

There are also research institutes and foundations dedicated to promoting Reich’s practices and beliefs. At least two of these institutes are in the U.S.

Aside from therapy, a lot of online shops sell Orgone boxes and different kinds of Orgone accumulators. These come with disclaimers to avoid issues with the FDA, but dealers claim that Orgone accumulators are therapeutical.

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