Orgonite Debunked – Myths about Orgone Energy

Orgonite Myths

A lot of people still have no clue what Orgonite is, let alone its energy. With that, it’s necessary to get Orgonite debunked.

Technically, it’s considered as a life force energy discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s.

During this period of his scientific discovery, various cultures have already known the presence of this energy. They understood that life force energy was present throughout the universe. It is a life force called Chi or Prana.

Dr. Reich utilized Orgone energy for a variety of issues. These include atmospheric cleaning, cancer treatment, as well as drought abatement. For decades, this energy was suppressed by false rulers due to its remarkable ability to enhance human life.

Orgonite Debunked – What Is It All About?

If you’re like a lot of people, you’d want to know more about the product before purchasing it. So, gaining insights and knowledge about Orgonite is the best thing to do before getting any products related to it. So, it’s best to have Orgonite debunked.

Luckily, Orgonites come with a rich and interesting background that’ll help you better understand it.

Where Did It Come from?

Orgonite came from the word Orgone, a term named by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. He is responsible for the collection of original scientific studies known as Orgone biophysics. It’s technically a subset of a broad field of Orgonomy.

Dr. Reich’s orgone energy is considered a life force energy, which humans can tap into and harness for beneficial purposes.  It affects the weather, and has been proven to be massively powerful in both the natural world and when applied by human beings.

Dr. Reich’s work deals with the positive and negative aspects of orgone energy, as well as how individuals can access it for their own benefit.

Different Forms of Orgonite

Orgonite comes in a variety of forms. The most popular form that’s found in people’s homes or offices is the Orgone pyramid. In addition, you’ll often hear about cones and domes that are made of Orgonite as well.

One of the lesser-known kinds of Orgone, which might be more beneficial to everyone, includes Orgone jewelry. It’s because these forms of Orgone allow you to bring them anywhere you go. Plus, they can work out as an accessory to complete your look.

Orgonite Pyramids

Powerful Obsidian Crystal Sphere Orgone Pyramid with Blue Quartz Gear Stunning Energy 5
Orgonite Pyramid

A pyramid shape has been found to be the most powerful, as far as energy output goes.

Orgonite Cylinders

Channels energy better than a pyramid or an egg. Due to the shape of the orgone cylinder, it has been proven to emit more negative ions than other orgonite pieces.-

Orgonite Eggs

A lot of people have been asking about the use of orgone eggs. If you are reading this, then chances are good that you’re one of them. The purpose of an egg is not to generate a negative charge however powerful it may be. Eggs work beautifully as receivers, but that’s it.

Clear quartz will give you about 16,000 negative ions per second – a powerful negative ion generator. An orgone egg? About 1,500 negative ions per second. An orgone pyramid is far more powerful than an orgone egg.

Orgonite Tubes

Tubes, at their most basic level, have proven to be the least effective form of orgonite. The shape of a tube is not able to channel energy.

Orgonite Jewelry

Powerful Obsidian Crystal Sphere Orgone Pyramid with Blue Quartz Gear Stunning Energy 5
Orgonite Necklace

This is a fairly simple form of making Orgone, allowing them to function at the same time as jewelry, in which they not only help protect their wearer from negative energy, but also keep the wearer feeling positive.

What is an Orgone Accumulator?

Reich designed a special an “orgone energy accumulator” – “orgone accumulator” for short. Reich claims they help relieve certain illnesses, including cancer. These orgone accumulators were made of layers of orgone-charged materials, such as wool felt and steel or iron filings.

Reich said orgone accumulators could also remove “blockages” from people’s orgone fields, which would then allow their bodies to heal themselves automatically.

Reich claimed the orgone energy collected by an orgone accumulators was in a more concentrated form of life energy, which he called “orgone”. He also stated that these devices could collect this energy from the atmosphere.

Reich and many others claim to have built and tested Orgone Accumulators, and they found that it worked to relieve pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Accumulators have been built that concentrate the orgone energy into very strong concentrations, which they claim can kill cancer cells in vitro.

What Are the Myths About Orgonite?

Once you understand the science of Orgonite, we can readily have Orgonite debunked with the mystical absurdities made about it. With that, Orgonite can finally become a household word that won’t raise brows and bring questioning looks. Years ago, Reich’s research was a new invention of Nikola Tesla that has yet to be fully recognized and understood. The elusive negative energy that it produces are the two most misunderstood things about it.

Orgonite Can Be Dangerous if Made Incorrectly

The only worst thing about Orgonite is if it’s ineffective. It’s never a dangerous element since it’s a simple tool with great powerful functions.

Orgonite Blocks EMF

Orgonite is technically an Orgone energy generator that helps restructure chaotic waveforms of EMF.

It calms the wave, turning it more coherent and allowing it to flow through the body seamlessly. In addition, there will be less disruption to your body’s natural energy field.

Neutralized EMF is still present, which is why smartphones and Wi-Fi continue to work. It’s also why EMF meters may/may not display any noticeable changes in the presence of Orgonite.

A metallic box can completely block EMF, and it can be weakened using a Faraday cage along the offending emitter.

Note that the cage won’t block EMF 100%. Instead, it’ll absorb it into the cage material, significantly decreasing its exposure.

Switch off your smartphones and other wireless devices. It’s the most effective way to remove the EMF from your space.

It Transfers Deadly Energy

Another Orgonite debunked mystery is that it transfers deadly energy.

It is said that Orgonite needs to be ground to prevent it from transferring deadly energy. However, this is another myth about Orgonite; grinding is not necessary. 

It will work well under your pillow, on a tabletop, or anywhere you wish to place it.

Orgonite does not transmit anything aside from life force energy.

Orgonite Absorbs Negative Energy

People believe that Orgonite absorbs negative energy, so it needs to be destroyed or thrown away eventually.

Orgonite will always be a free energy device that works continuously, as long as it exists. It will not absorb deadly radiation like EMF since it only transmits Orgone in the atmosphere. It works only by neutralizing the atmosphere’s deadly energy.


There are many misconceptions about orgone energy, and we’ve debunked some of the most common ones. But there is one thing that remains clear: orgone has a powerful effect on people’s lives, in both positive and negative ways. We want to hear your story! Have you had an experience with Orgone energy, or do you have any questions about it? Let us know below. Your feedback will help us all better understand this fascinating phenomenon!

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  1. How is this debunking?
    Orgone is real if made correctly, most google images made by amateurs are not. Orgone can for sure be dangerous or atleast chaotic if made in a negative psychotronic structure.

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