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Orgonite Wiki is your go-to place to learn more about it. It comes with useful details and information that will provide you with insights about its benefits, uses, and more.

Get to know its history, who discovered it, what products are Orgone-based, and how to use it. There are even categories about its effects on people, plants, animals, and your inner self.

What is Orgonite Wiki All About

The Orgonite Wiki focuses on explaining what Orgonite is.

Technically, Orgone is a pseudoscientific idea that’s described as a hypothetical and universal life force. It’s also considered as esoteric energy.

To put it simply, Orgonite is an element based on the work and research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich. It’s efficient for purifying and cleansing subtle energy or Orgone.

Many people utilize it since it provides positive and beneficial effects on the body, mind, and soul. Using Orgonite devices like Orgone pyramids and crystals will help absorb the negativities surrounding you and transform them into positive energy.

Orgonite features a basic structure, often composed of polyester resin combined with layers of inorganic and organic materials.

The most usual materials utilized for Orgonite include quartz, metal shavings, and polyester resin.

Quick History

Thanks to Orgone energy, Wilhelm Reich created the Orgone accumulator. It’s a box big enough to allow a person to sit inside.

The box had alternate layers of fiberglass and steel wool, which helped it accumulate the needed energy for each person.

In 1992, Karl Welz modified Orgone energy. He chose the term Orgonite to describe the material he utilized for radionic devices. It was crafted using resin, quartz crystal powder, and metal powder.

Welz learned that using a mix of organic and inorganic materials would be more efficient. This is compared to thick layers of fiberglass and steel utilized in Reich’s Orgone Box.

It was a breakthrough discovery, allowing Orgone-generating tools to be created faster, cheaper, and in smaller sizes.

1999 to 2000 was the year of Orgonite Towers and Cones. Don Croft, inspired by Welz’s discovery, created the Tower Busters (TBs) and holy hand grenade cones (HHGs).

These were bigger at 7 cm compared to Welz’s Orgonite pieces, which measured 1-2cm only.

Types of Orgonite

This is the section of our Orgonite Wiki that focuses on the types of Orgonite available today.

We have a variety of Orgonite available, and the most popular one is the pyramid. You can easily place this on your desk or bedside table. It’s an ideal piece to have in your room, especially when you suffer from sleeping issues like insomnia.

It comes with practical uses and is similar to that of glass prisms. However, you aren’t limited to pyramid Orgonites.

There are other designs today that work just as well. They can even be worn close to the heart. Orgonite necklaces appear in many forms that it’d be quite a challenge to list all of them.

The favorite types of necklaces include heart-shaped ones, rectangular ones, square pendants with embedded metal, and more.

Benefits of Orgonite

This time, our Orgonite Wiki focuses on the primary benefits of Orgonite.

You can set the Orgonite pieces in areas that need more positive and clean vibes. They can work as excellent centerpieces for your home or office.

Orgonite can be placed anywhere to clear any negative energy in your surroundings.

Other benefits of Orgonite include balancing out your mood, improving sleep and dreams, and air purification. Not only that, but it also decreases stress, boosts your energy, spiritual growth, and decreases EMF sensitivity.

For plants, it helps them grow and flourish better, while it helps animals stay calm and relaxed.

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