20 DIY Copper Stickers for Orgone Pyramids

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Dimensions, Materials, and Benefits

  • Handmade by local artisans
  • Dimensions: These beautiful stickers are 2 cm – 4 cm (0.8 – 1.6”) wide
  • Color: Varies, as shown on pictures, handmade – different ones vary
  • Natural Materials: Copper Sticker
  • Powers: Different for different symbols


Disclaimer: The stickers are handmade and might vary slightly in size.

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The Copper Sticker Symbols


Symbol of Jupiter and enclosed Spirals Symbols


Jupiter signifies the Roman God of War’s strength, courage, determination to achieve victory at any cost. The largest planet in the Solar System that is the only one that pulls the Sun towards it as well, is also a source of celestial energy that affects the human body.


Spiral symbols mean endless life and continuity, natural healing, and beauty.


The tree of Life (Life Tree) Symbol


The life tree symbol made from copper, placed in the middle of the Pyramid represents personal development, achievements, goals, and individual beauty. As all the branches and leaves of trees strengthen so do the character traits of individuals.

People become stronger, wiser, gain greater knowledge and wisdom and that is what the Tree of life symbol represents. A perpetual motion of progress through which each person must go.


The Hexagram Symbol


The hexagram, much like the pentagram symbol was widely used in occult and ceremonial magic practices and is often considered to be attributed to the 7 old planets in astrology.


The six-point star is used as a talisman as well as a lucky charm and das a conjuring symbol for spirits and spiritual forces in different forms.

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