Exquisite Natural Tiger Eye Orgonite Pyramid with Amethyst

Item Weight: 90 g
Item Height: 5cm
Item Width: 5cm
Item Length: 5cm
Item Diameter: 5cm

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Our Orgonite Pyramids or Orgone Pyramids are gorgeous eye-candy pieces, yet they’re not only simple and beautiful pieces.

The Orgone pyramid has an extremely powerful ability to give your body, mind, and soul ultimate balance and healing harmony.

Aside from being outstanding elements to make your home look stunning, it’s known for converting negative energy to something positive. Not only that, but it helps stabilize your emotional, spiritual, and physical body.

Orgonite is technically a substance made of metals, resin, quartz, and healing crystals. These combined helps balance and harmonize your bioenergy.

Benefits of Our Orgone Pyramid

Our Orgone pyramids have numerous benefits. These include clearing negative energy and neutralizing EMF radiation to purify your living area. As a result, they relieve stress and promote restful sleep.

These pyramids also provide more energy while helping in meditation, as well as spiritual and psychological growth. Not only that, but they also improve your health and resistance.

Our Orgonite pyramids aid in balancing and filtering the environment’s energy fields. These also help boost your body energy by turning low-frequency energy into a higher frequency. This is more beneficial for living things like you, your pets, and plants.

What Makes Our Orgone Pyramid Special?

There are several reasons why our Orgone pyramids are unique. First of all, they’re made using the same technology of Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator. These also help neutralize EMF from mobile phones, computers, Wi-Fi, cell towers, and electronics that you use daily.

When the organic resin and inorganic metal interact, this forms Orgone.

The stones and crystals we used for our Orgonite pyramids have been charged with positive energy before casting. These have been smudged with white sage for clearing energy.

Smudging is an ancient tradition that Native American tribes used for cleansing negative energy.

In the curing process, our orgonite pyramids are infused with harmonic tones. These help maintain the balance of the body’s natural frequency.

If you hold our Orgonite pyramid, or if you’re close to this, you’ll feel a lot of positive energy. This is the Prana, Chi, or zero-point energy.

No matter where you place our Orgone pyramids, they will keep your home’s air and life force positive. They’re also an excellent centerpiece for your living area, business environment, spa, studio, and more.



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10 reviews for Exquisite Natural Tiger Eye Orgonite Pyramid with Amethyst

  1. E***r

    Me gusta. Tiene un interruptor para apagar y encender.

  2. A***o

    Very beautiful and well done! Shipping protected! Good packaging. Recommend

  3. L***r

    Great product fast delivery, can buy without fear.

  4. T***s

    Really pretty! Not as much gold at bottom of pyramid as picture but still looks cool. Be careful with edges, they’re a bit sharp.

  5. B***s

    Beautiful little object that makes its effect on a piece of furniture. I bought it to make a gift to a friend who will soon receive it and I know in advance that he will love it! The colors come out well, it’s really very pretty and very original!

  6. M***a

    Really very beautiful!! Not yet test their effectiveness

  7. A***r

    Absolutely beautiful, very fast delivery. Was packed very well I’d highly recommend this seller very pleased and I’ll be definitely ordering more thank you

  8. F***o

    The shipment took a little over 2 weeks to reach your destination. Communication with the seller was minimal but still everything turned out fine. The person who received it claims to be very happy and satisfied. He loved it, it’s wonderful!

  9. A***L

    Incredibly magical thing

  10. E***z

    I’ll be back soon.. 3 mos. I think because I made a small order and I agree on the date of global logistics problems. It’s the second she bought. Everything great is perfect! I recommend

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