Orgone Necklace With Green Aventurine and Topaz Crystals

Necklace Type: Pendant Necklaces
Chain Type: Rope Chain
Chain Length: 50-68cm (adjustable)
Pendant Size: 35*10mm
Crystals: Topaz, Green Aventurine
Materials: Shell, Copper, Gold Foil
Prompt: Due to handcrafting, there will be a 2-5mm error

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Wearing our Orgonite necklace together with our Orgone pendant is the best way to feel positive and happy. That’s the effect of using Orgonite, which helps shift negative vibes to good ones.

When you wear our necklace, it’ll always be in contact with your body. With that, your energy will always be cleansed then brought back to its balanced state.

Benefits Of Being An Orgone Energy User

Orgone pyramids heal not only the body but the soul. People who have previously experienced disruptions in their auras often reported improvements in both mental, spiritual, and physical health after spending time near an Orgone pyramid.

Aside from mitigating negative energy fields, generated from electronics, orgonite generators affect people’s behavior. The positivity radiating from orgonite crystals tends to drive negative thoughts and emotions away since the frequency they make people vibrate at is much lower than the natural one of orgone pyramids.

Orgonite generators are one of the best non-electrically powered EMF blockers, consisting of natural materials.

Children, as well as animals like cats and dogs, are more sensitive to energy waves and are more receptive than adults, making a home with children and pets an even better place for an orgonite generator.

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2 reviews for Orgone Necklace With Green Aventurine and Topaz Crystals

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    Beautiful. Thanks for the gift

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