Lapis Lazuli Aventurine JaPaMala Meditation Necklace


Dimensions, Materials, and Powers

  • Handmade by local artisans
  • Dimensions: This beautiful JapaMala Blue Meditation necklace’s length is 90 cm including the hanging pink tassel in that measure.
  • Natural Materials: Lapis Lazuli, Dyed Chrysocolla, Aventurine, and Dyed Aventurine, Blue turquoise, and Amazonite
  • Powers: Energy Healing, Meditation aiding and attuning to one’s higher self, Serenity amplifying, Balancing frequencies of natural vibrations, Inner strength and calm
  • Types of stone beads:

8mm Lapis Lazuli round beads

8mm Dyed Chrysocolla round beads

8mm Aventurine and Dyed Aventurine round beads

8mm Blue turquoise round beads

8mm Amazonite round beads

Disclaimer: JapaMalas stones have different patterns, shapes and color may vary slightly because the necklace is handmade

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The Mala Blue Tassel & Beads

The Mala Pink tassel represents a connection to the spirit or your highest truth. The color Blue represents peace, serenity, and connection with your surroundings. They are not only meaningful and beautiful but also serve to diffuse essential oils.


They soothe anxiety and calm the overactive mind of the bearer. It is an anti-stress tool used for long years.


Mala necklaces always have 108 beads. 108 is a sacred number in Buddhism and it represents the number of desires a mortal man needs to overcome to achieve the highest state of enlightenment – Nirvana.

Mala bead necklaces are very often used as mediation tools, they beads are counted while reciting mantras so you can easily reach 100 mantras even if you miss some you would have 8 more beads left to remind you.

Powers of the Necklace’s stones

Lapis Lazuli


Lapis stones serve to enhance spirituality and attune the inner mind to one’s higher self. It helps the bearer to expand their consciousness and to channel their spiritual awareness to the next level. It also aids inner peace and self-love. It is an essential stone for people who are having issues with their relationships.

The Lapis is known to enhance the memory and intellectual abilities of its bearer. It unites people and amplifies their effective ways of communication and harmonious relationships. The Azurite Lapis stones make your inner thoughts easier to manifest, helps the bearer grasp their talents and gifts in a clearer manner. It greatly improves one’s ability to express themselves.

Amazonite stones

Amazonite stones help with emotional issues, relieve stress, and energy healing. They tend to balance the stress levels of the individual and heal traumas. Amazonite easily soothes the energy of the home and office environment. They are often referred to as the stones of truth and courage.

Blue Turquoise stones

The blue turquoise stones provide the bearer with power, luck, and protection, they enhance the resistance to negativity and evil attacks, and maleficent curses. The Blue Turquoise stone guards its owner against evil-doers and helps them cleanse their body, spirit, and mind.

Aventurine And Dyed Aventurine

The aventurine’s main powers are to comfort and heal the heart of the bearer. It generally dulls emotional pain and makes it go away in a quick and reliable manner. It is a strong blocker of negative energy and low-frequency vibrations. It helps oneself to open their mind and grow spiritually towards reaching their higher-self.

Dyed Chrysocolla

The Chrysocolla stones are often referred to as the stones of communication as they help their bearers with expression and empower them to share their thoughts in an eloquent manner. They reveal the owner’s inner gits, thoughts, and help them realize their gifts.



Please, have in mind that the materials are fragile. A lot of effort has been made to make sure that the strongest materials were used in the making of this necklace.

But it is essential that you keep it safe, treat it gently and take care of it.

Store your mala necklace carefully when you are not using it, and avoid swimming with it when you can, to keep its integrity intact.

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