Orgonite Fatima Hand Lapis Lazuli with Tourmaline Amethyst Pendant

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Weight: 19.5 g.
Pendant Size: 3.5 cm
Chain Size: 66 cm.

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Orgone jewelry, like our Orgone pendant, is a fashionable piece that protects you from negative energies. It can be worn at all times and is excellent for healing and protective purposes.

It’s best to set our Orgone pendant at the center of the chest and close to the heart.

Orgone energy represents the protective and positive energy introduced by Dr. Reich. This pendant is based on his research and studies, making it effective for removing negative energies.

Not only that, but our pendant offers EMF protection, which draws negative energy that will transform into a positive one. As a result, these Orgone pendants are highly beneficial for everyone.

If you’re worried about EMFs, negative energy, and other modern nuisances, it’s ideal to always have the pendant with you.

Since it’s in a pendant form, you can take it with you wherever you go. Plus, it also makes for a unique accessory that can be used to enhance your look.

How Does Our Orgonite Pendant Work?

Our Orgonite pendant generates positive energy that works by transmuting unbalanced energy into a more positive state.

Any properly built Orgonite product will work efficiently without needing constant charging or cleansing.

Since it is usually in contact with your body, its energy is continuously cleansed then returned to its balanced state. Our Orgone pendant can work as a great tool for meditation and works to improve spiritual growth. Wearing it often can relieve you from the effects of EMF, especially when you’re usually exposed to it.

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