Sacred Sri Yantra Geometry Orgonite Necklace

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Dimensions, Materials, and Powers

  • Handmade by local artisans
  • Dimensions: The necklace’s rope length is 64 cm to 68 cm. Pendant Weight: 20 g. Pendant height: 1 cm and the Pendant’s diameter is 3.5
  • Natural Materials: Clear quartz crystals, Lapis Lazuli, Red Agate, Qinghai Jade, Topaz, and Turquoise crystals. Untraceable Aluminum powder sprinkled inside the pendant for vibrations enhancement.
  • Colors: Multicolor
  • Powers: EMF Blocker, Intense Chakra protection and Aura Healing, Aid achieving of Balancing frequency of natural vibrations
  • Vibrational Frequency Tested with a professional Trifield 100 x e EMF meter

All the Orgonite Crystals on are hand made. For this reason, dimensions might vary with a few mm differences.

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The Enclosed Chakra opening Crystals

The Sacred Sri Yantra Geometry Orgonite Necklace is a very powerful orgonite generating necklace that was hand-made by local artisans to capture the essence of 7 different crystals, resembling the 7 different chakras an individual can open and enhance in their body and soul.

The natural resin within the necklace’s pendant encloses all positive energies generated by the piezo element and the healing crystals inside. Lapis Lazuli serves to awaken the Brow Chakra; the Red Agate serves to open widely the Root chakra, while Qinghai Jade is deeply connected with the Heart Chakra. Topaz, and Turquoise crystals, relatively connect with the Solar Plexus Chakra and the Throat Chakra of the bearer.

All these powerful crystals in combination with the turquoise ones that aid the throat chakra and last but not least the Third Eye Chakra is opened by the Lapis Lazuli crystals, while the Crown Chakra’s presence is amplified by the beautiful Amethysts inside the pendant.


A Balanced Mix of powerful Quartz Crystals

This pendant is a balanced mix of Clear quartz crystals, Lapis Lazuli, Red Agate, Qinghai Jade, Topaz, and Turquoise crystals. Aside from relieving the 7 chakras of the bearer, these powerful crystals emit strong high-frequency vibrations, aid meditation, and enhance the healing of the body and soul.

The Merkaba Crystals Orgone 7 Chakras Healing Pendant is a piece of natural jewelry that adds traditional orgone components such as a copper coil to better conduct its healing vibrations. It is suitable for people seeking further spiritual development and people who are well aware of their surroundings. Aluminum powder was sprinkled inside to further increase the frequency of the healing vibrations.

All stones inside are cleansed and charged with high frequency prior to enclosing with the healing resin. The Aluminum powder is a natural conductor and serves as a connection between the stones and the resin inside, completing the healing circuit. The enclosed frequencies are 432 Hz shaman sound pipe, known for Reiki and EMF protection, and 528hz DNA-repair, the Ancient Solfeggio frequency.

Healing Frequencies:

Healing frequency 528hz. This beautiful necklace has been charged with the famous Solfeggio frequency which resonates at a high 528hz vibration. It is known to have a deep-rooted relationship with humankind, nature, and is deeply rooted in everything from animal cells to human DNA. Water, Oxygen, and Chlorophyll also carry the resonating electrons of the 528 Hz frequency, proving how close it is to everything connected to life itself.


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