Stunning Natural Gravel Stone Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli Orgone Necklace



Pendant Size: 60×38.5×17.5mm/2.36×1.52×0.69 inches
Chain Length: 45cm / 18 inches
Natural Stones: Amethyst , Lapis Lazuli
Material: Natural Gravel Stone , Resin

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Wearing our Orgonite necklace, or orgonite pendants, is the best way to feel positive energy and happiness, and absorb the Orgone energy. That’s the effect of using Orgonite, which helps shift negative vibes to good ones.

When you wear our necklace, it’ll always be in contact with your body. With that, your energy will absorb the orgone energy (bio energy), then will be brought back to its balanced state.

Benefits of Wearing Our Orgonite Necklace

When wearing our Orgonite necklace, people notice a lot of great benefits. This is generally one of the Orgonite necklace’s primary uses, and it’s what draws people to it.

Remember that the Orgonite necklaces do not decrease EMF per se; instead, it protects your body from its adverse effects.

Here is a list of the positive benefits there is when wearing our necklace.

Better Health and Opening of Spiritual

The necklace that we have helps improve health. Negative energy goes as it’s being transmuted into good energy instead.

Not only that, but spiritual and psychic channels begin to open. Once open, it gives you a general state of peace and well-being, as well as joy and happiness.

Improves Yourself Physically and Spiritually

Our Orgonite pendant will also make you both spiritually and physically better. It will heal energy blockages, and the energy surrounding you will begin flowing seamlessly. It will make your life feel more peaceful, harmonious, and joyous at the same time.

Enhanced Relationships

Another common benefit is the improvement of relationships with people. When giving such pieces as gifts, you’ll find that your relationship with these people will significantly improve.

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