Tiger’s Eye Black Lava Mala Beads Necklace


Dimensions, Materials, and Powers

  • Handmade by local artisans
  • Dimensions: The beautiful black lava necklace’s length is 98 cm.
  • Natural Materials: Rose Tiger’s Eye Beads, Black Onyx, and Silk Tassel
  • Powers: Chakra protection, Balancing frequencies of natural vibrations, meditation aid, past-life exploration guidance through meditation.
  • The beads combined in the necklace are:

8mm Rose Tiger Eye Beads (round)

8mm Black Onyx beads (round)


Disclaimer: Only natural gemstones beads have been used in this necklace. They have their own unique marks and colors, thus the Mala necklace you receive will be an original and unique Jewelry

Lava stones are very lightweight with calming and grounding properties. Stones will vary.

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An essential Buddhist look and benefits

This beautiful Buddhist necklace brings not only simple and beautiful colors and amazing texture to the table but is also a gift for the bearer’s soul. The Rose Tiger Eye Beads have beautiful patterns and unique shades. They bless the bearer with a focused mind during meditation and with a deep restful sleep.


This Buddhist necklace is very comfortable to wear and adds a fine touch to a relaxed body and mind.


It can be worn as a meditation necklace. The interconnected medium size beads are more than ideal for counting prayers. This beautiful yoga necklace could make a valuable addition to everyone’s daily mindful routine. The natural addition of the stunning Black Onyx beads and the hanging silk tassel completes this design into a simple yet marvelous piece of jewelry.

The Energy of the Stones of the Necklace


The Gentle Silk Tassel

The Gentle Silk Tassel hanging at the end of this Buddhist meditation necklace brings a balance to its design and the mind of the bearer. It amplifies one’s positive thoughts and makes the bearer feel more at peace with the Universe as it follows the movement of the wind with each gentle blow.

Black Onyx 8 mm Beads

The Yellow Onyx is a very powerful stone that serves for protection and grants strength. It transforms the surrounding negative energy into a positive one and helps the bearer to gain confidence. Furthermore, it encourages happiness, accumulates reserves of strength and stamina, and provides a balanced feeling for a wiser decision making process.



Please, have in mind that the materials are fragile. A lot of effort has been made to make sure that the strongest materials were used in the making of this necklace.

But it is essential that you keep it safe, treat it gently and take care of it.

Store your mala necklace carefully when you are not using it, and avoid swimming with it when you can, to keep its integrity intact.

Additional information

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