Tourmaline Orgone Pyramid with Energy Hexagram


Dimensions, Materials, and Benefits

  • Handmade by local artisans
  • Dimensions: This beautiful Orgone Pyramid with a wide variety of Chakra Healing Crystals comes with – 5 cm long sides
  • Color: Varies, as shown on pictures, handmade – different ones vary
  • Natural Materials: Amazonite, Sodalite, Labradorite, Healing Quartz Crystals, Copper and Gold Plated Brass, Aluminum Powder, Natural Resin
  • Powers: EMF radiation Protection, Negative energy disperse, Chakra Healing, Reiki calming, mind-soothing, Meditation Orgone Pyramid with Lava Beads
  • Types of stones:


Natural Lava Stones (color depends)

Sodalite pebbles

Labradorite beads

Quartz Crystals

Disclaimer: The Natural stones used in the Orgone Pyramid have different patterns, shapes and color may vary slightly because the bracelet is handmade.

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The Orgone Pyramid’s powers

This beautiful Orgone Pyramid was created with the use of numerous semi-precious crystals like Amazonite, Sodalite, Labradorite, and Quartz. All of these were enclosed in a vibrating form by natural resin.


The two materials combined together create a field of high-frequency vibrations which is greatly beneficial to the owner.


Orgonite Generators Benefits


Orgone pyramids heal not only the body but the soul of the owner and their friends or family. People that have previously experienced disruptions in their chakras and auras have often reported improvements in all mental, spiritual, and physical health aspects after spending time or living near an Orgone pyramid.

Aside from mitigating negative energy fields, generated from electronics, orgonite generators affect people’s behavior. The positivity radiating from orgonite crystals tends to drive negative thoughts and emotions away since the frequency they make people vibrate at is much lower than the natural one of orgone pyramids.

Orgonite generators are one of the best non-electrically powered EMF blockers, consisting of natural materials.

Children, as well as animals like cats and dogs, are more sensitive to energy waves and are more receptive than adults, making a home with children and pets an even better place for an orgonite generator.

The Hexagram Symbol


The hexagram, much like the pentagram symbol was widely used in occult and ceremonial magic practices and is often considered to be attributed to the 7 old planets in astrology.


The six-point star is used as a talisman as well as a lucky charm and das a conjuring symbol for spirits and spiritual forces in different forms.


The Powers of the Orgone Pyramid’s Stones



Amazonite stones help with emotional issues, relieve stress, and are great at energy healing. They tend to balance the stress levels of the individual and heal traumas. Amazonite easily soothes the energy of the home and office environment. They are often referred to as the stones of truth and courage.


High-quality Labradorite beads


Labradorite beads drive the bearer to self-discovery and help them to awaken one’s awareness of their true inner spirit, inborn intuition, and psychic abilities. It is a very powerful protection stone and strengthens the inner energy from within. Labradorite helps expand the limits of one’s imagination and relaxes the overactive mind of the bearer.

Natural Lava Stones

Lava beads ground the emotions of the individual and are known to provide safety and comfort to one’s mind and soul. They keep tempers in check and help the bearer to work through their problems without going into deep drama situations. Let’s the user rely on his mind rather than on his emotions to make decisions.


Lava is a remnant of long-forgotten embers and empowers the mind and body of the individual with strong forces. It urges the bearer to take action and not remain sedentary or passive.




Much like the Tiger’s eye, Sodalite stones protects from external energy sources. In this necklace, they were combined to further strengthen the effect. Sodalite gives the bearer the energy and confidence needed to make drastic positive changes regarding their environment or character. Furthermore, they tend emotional wounds, relieve grief or bad memories.

All stones inside are cleansed and charged with high frequency prior to enclosing with the healing resin. The Aluminum powder is a natural conductor and serves as a connection between the stones and the resin inside, completing the healing circuit. The enclosed frequencies are 432 Hz shaman sound pipe, known for Reiki and EMF protection, and 528hz DNA-repair, the Ancient Solfeggio frequency.

Healing Frequencies:

Healing frequency 528hz. This beautiful necklace has been charged with the famous Solfeggio frequency which resonates at a high 528hz vibration. It is known to have a deep-rooted relationship with humankind, nature, and is deeply rooted in everything from animal cells to human DNA. Water, Oxygen, and Chlorophyll also carry the resonating electrons of the 528 Hz frequency, proving how close it is to everything connected to life itself.



Please, have in mind that the materials are fragile. A lot of effort has been made to make sure that the strongest materials were used in making this exceptional Orgone Pyramid.

But it is essential that you keep it safe, treat it gently and take care of it.


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