What Is Orgonite?

What Is Orgonite?

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In this day and age, there’s an abundance of healing stones that can be used to heal and bring positivity. Yet one of the most fascinating pieces is the Orgonite, which was based on Orgone, a discovery of Wilhelm Reich in the 20th century. It was then pioneered, then modified by Karl Hans Welz.

Today, Orgonite is getting more attention from almost anyone who comes into close contact with it. But first, what is Orgonite or Orgone? What is its purpose, and how can it help you?

The History of Orgone

Before we focus on what is Orgone, let’s take a look at its history and origins. In the past, Dr. Reich found a kind of energy he called Orgone. He learned that it could be manipulated via organic materials and metals.

He utilized items like cotton and wool for the organic materials, while iron sheets and others as the metallic elements.

However, his experiments didn’t necessarily lead to anything definitive, yet they were intriguing due to the Orgone theory Reich developed.

Later, he experimented on various substances, and discovered that organic materials hold and attract Orgone energy. For non-organic metals, they simultaneously repel and attract energy.

This theory and study then became the fundamental premise of Orgonite.

The Orgonite

Now that we’ve answered the question “What is Orgone?”, let’s focus on the Orgonite. So what is Orgonite?

After Welz’s modifications and variations, these brought modern tools into play. Specifically, this is an organic component known as polyester resin.


This version of Orgonite is a mix of various metal particles that are suspended into a resin matrix.

Since there are metal elements that refract energy, the flow in Orgonite often becomes dynamic. Hence, making it pretty powerful.

The tests Welz made arrived at a 50-50 compound of resin and metal shavings, which became the best formula of all.

Components of Orgonite

Knowing the components of Orgonite also helps answer the question “what is Orgone?”. Basically, it’s a mix of catalyzed fiberglass resin combined with metal shavings, powder/particles poured in molds.

It’s said to attract aetheric energy that’s similar to Dr. Reich’s accumulators. Some individuals add a few crystals into the mix to make the energy more effective, and improve the Orgonite.

So what is Orgone? It’s basically a mix that works as a continuously operating, self-driven, and highly effective energy transmutation device. Orgonite draws negative life energy to it, then transmutes it to positive energy.

Quartz crystals are usually added to the mix due to its piezoelectric properties. It means that the crystal gives out charges when placed under pressure.

Resins in Orgonite shrink while curing, squeezing the quartz crystal to create a piezoelectric effect within the crystal. Its endpoints become electrically polarized, causing it to work more efficiently as a positive energy generator.

Because of constant repelling and attracting energy of the elements inside the resin, a type of scrubbing motion takes place. Combined with the crystal’s charge, it cleans stagnant energy then transmutes it to a healthier vibration.

Healing Properties

The healing properties of Orgone or Orgonite differ from one person to the other. Some people feel the energy immediately, and it’s similar to a tingling sensation. Others feel the effects cumulatively, and these come in a variety of sensations.

Some of these include physical effects where the Orgonite gives you better sleep, improves energy, and strengthens the immune system. Plus, it decreases the sensitivity to EMFs around.

Spiritual healing properties are also present. It encourages spiritual growth via the removal of negative energies in an area.

Benefits of Orgonite

After learning what is Orgonite, it’s time to know about the positive benefits that it offers.

The most common benefit of utilizing Orgone is that it clears the accumulation of negative energy in the body. The presence of the negative energy often causes illnesses. Tools like the Orgone pyramids are helpful when it comes to altering negative energy into a positive one.

Shields from EMFs

As years passed, the world has developed greatly when it comes to technology and innovations. With that, the flow of electromagnetic radiations has soared high, and it’s in the environment no matter where we go.

This is where Orgone energy comes in since it helps shield you from the negative effects of EMFs.

Orgone pyramids do not necessarily diminish EMFs, yet they greatly help in shielding you from these.

To Make One Feel Better and Rejuvenated

With the help of Orgone energy, you can feel more rejuvenated and free from all negativities physically, mentally, and spiritually. This is how Orgonite functions when shifting negative energies to positive ones.

How to Use Orgonite

Orgonite isn’t difficult to use since you can simply wear them in the form of Orgone pendants or Orgonite necklaces. If not, you can utilize the Orgone pyramids in your homes where there are a lot of electronics.

You can even place them in your office, whether it’s on your desk or side table. If not, you can choose to utilize these while meditating in a calm and quiet area.

Setting them in places that seem negative or heavy can immediately clear the space of these energies.

If you have an Orgone necklace, try wearing it at all times. They’re more powerful and effective, especially when worn and placed in contact with your body. If you don’t want to wear it, that’s completely fine. Simply keep the Orgonite in your pocket or bag, as long as it’s close to you.

You can even place it on your bedside table or under your pillows, especially when you have sleeping problems.

When you want to utilize Orgonite for your plants, it’s best to place it on the plant’s base. If it’s for purifying or energizing water, set the Orgonite next to its container.

How to Remove Energy Blockages Using Orgonite

Since Orgonite helps shift negative and stagnant energy into positive energy, surrounding yourself with Orgonite can help remove these.

It also aids in removing energy blockages to keep you and your surroundings in a positive, healthy state.

Having Orgonite tools and accessories within your vicinity greatly helps in dissolving these energy blockages. A lot of people feel better and have increased positivity after being introduced to Orgone.

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