What Makes Authentic Orgone Pyramids Become Healing Crystals

Orgonite orgone pyramid on an altar

Pyramids have enthralled civilizations for millennia, and almost every culture has utilized them to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Its geometric form is said to magnify any vibration or Pranic energy (life energy) in the environment. As a consequence, this geometric pattern was utilized in most of the temples across the world. It is thought that the four sides of a pyramid depict the four cosmic forces (air, water, fire, and wind) merging into infinity.

They’re a sacred magnifying design with a strong healing and purifying capability. As a result, the form is employed in healing, energy management, meditation, architecture, and decorating as crystal pyramids.

Orgone Pyramids are pyramid-shaped crystals of various sizes and hues. They’re used for healing, energy management, meditation, and architecture construction. To meet your specific requirements, they come in a variety of crystal types. Orgonite Pyramid is the name given to the pyramid that contains Orgonite. Orgonite is a resin-based material that balances and harmonizes bioenergy. Pyramids composed of Orgonite are thought to capture high-vibrational energy and emit individual aspirations that can be used to activate various aspects of life. These are also beneficial for warding off bad vibes or eliminating blockages in the chakras.

Pyramids can be used as focusing and magnifying instruments in the following ways. It also depends on the application. When used for a particular purpose, Pyramids focus vibrations and direct them toward a certain problem, but when utilized for growth or progression, they magnify vibration and distribute it to its greatest extent. They are quite popular in Vastu, especially in the foundation stage, since Earth has a lot of dispersed vibrations and radiations that cause imbalance. Orgonite Pyramids correct radiation and concentrate towards a single end, resulting in amplified and emitted energy at its maximum potential.

An Orgonite Pyramid is a 3-dimensional replica of the Pyramids of Giza, and it has the same proportion (percentage, angle, and coordinate), as those pyramids. As a result, an Orgonite Pyramid is more effective than traditional crystal pyramids. Pyramids of Orgonite are also available in a variety on shapes, including disk, pendant, ball/sphere, disk, coasters, charging plate. Because to the tiny size and gorgeous appearance, both kinds of pyramids have very flexible applications in day-to-day life. The shape of the pyramid is fantastic for decorating and works best in a meditation nook. They may be placed on top of the body to balance the Chakras and draw off negative energy and blockages. They make excellent focal crystals in Crystal Grids, since they allow you to collect and concentrate energy.

How Do Orgone Pyramids Work?

The Orgone Pyramid magnifies the therapeutic effects of the stones. The resin contracts the crystals and semi-precious gemstones when they are electrically charged, magnifying their healing power. Organic energy is absorbed by organic materials, whereas non-organic components distribute it out in all directions.

Orgone pyramids are made up of a blend of organic (resin) and non-organic materials (metal shavings), which help to reverse the flow of Orgone energy and cleanse stagnant, bad energies.

Orgonite pyramids can accelerate the flow of healing energies in your body. The “orgone” energy can’t be seen but it’s emitted by all living things. The resin inside hones and attracts the energy, while flushing out bad elements. In this process, the energy flow comes in cleaned and accelerated.

Inside the orgone pyramis you’ll find gemstones and/or metal pieces, covered in the resin.

The walls are made from glass to showcase the beauty of the stones inside, making these orgone pyramids a beautiful decor on your bedside table even in the living room.

The logic behind why this attracts energy is that all organic matter attracts energies. Resin is organic, so it draws the energies from the outside into the orgonite pyramid.

The drawn energy comes into contact with the stones inside the pyramid. These stones or metal pieces are considered inorganic objects that flushes the energies out from the pyramid.

Healing Benefits of Orgone Energy Pyramids

Healing Benefits. Afro woman relaxing with closed eyes.

The Orgone Pyramid (Orgone generators) has the capacity to purify the energies in a room and shield people from EMF radiation, when used and utilized in workplaces, homes, or sleeping environments. It has been proven that living body cells have improved its immunity and achieve perfect physical and mental health when exposed to this resonance.

  • Prevent colds and flu, as well as boost energy levels and general well-being;
  • Remove our unconscious stressors by projecting high vibrational energies;
  • People have claimed that using an Orgone pyramid has improved their general well-being, spiritually, mentally, and spiritually.
  • It’s time to cleanse the environments that need a complete, enthusiastic cleaning.
  • Strengthen intentions and visualizations through meditation;
  • Improve sleep and reduce insomnia by dreaming vivid and pleasant dreams;
  • Help each person on his or her own issues, as though you already “know” what they need and spiritual growth;
  • Enrich foods, water, and enhance plant growth.
  • From electric and electronic devices, these shields prevent you from being exposed to electromagnetic radiation, which is especially useful in big cities.
  • Sanitize the areas that need a complete, energetic cleaning.

Final thoughts

God created a variety of natural stones on Earth to be used by people. Everything in nature has their own functions, just as what he has done with the trees and water during the creation process. Working with the natural crystal Orgone pyramids can really strengthen and improve various aspects of our lives. Not only that, it’s a good investment too, as its price increase over time.

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